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      I am trying to finalize my appliances for a complete remodel. I want the Viking French Door Wall Ovens but they will be right next to the refrigerator and I hear Viking Refrigeration is horrible.  Should the appliances match in general and then moreover should they match when in such close proximity to each other?  Form over Function?

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      So here it goes , I have to agree for now. The fridges don’t seem to hold up like other brands and they should for 10K. Can you panel ready the fridge to match the cabinets and go with another brand?   Although I have done many Sub Zeros next to the French door  Viking oven. It is nice when next to each other mostly dishwashers hoods etc wont matter as much. Also be very careful with design have seen so many dents on these when the doors meet if installed to close.  I would look at a panel ready model or if getting a cooktop as well its really really hard to pass up on the Free product promotions almost forcing you to get the fridge. I would then say do it but take out a 5 year warranty to be safe in the event there is an issue you have piece of mind!  Last thing did you consider the Monogram french door with their matching fridge? they make a real nice one as well.

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