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      I’d love any tips on how to bake a crispy pizza in my LG oven. They always come out doughy and soggy.

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      Make sure the oven is preheated to like 450, or as hot as you can before putting it on broil, and don’t put it in till temp is reached. I would skip the convection bake mode, lower the oven rack just below the middle. If possible, use a baking stone, and you should preheat that as well. Many times, people use convection modes, and with LG, that will sometimes cook so evenly, the top gets done before the bottom has a chance to crisp up nicely. In my oven, I sometimes bake on a lower rack, then swap to broil for the last 2 minutes, to brown up the cheese nicely. Always gets rid of the doughy moistness if that’s your thing!

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