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      What do you think about the La Cornue gas stove? Is it worth buying?

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      So two versions there is the chateau series and the Cornue Fe. Both are great in their own, with the Chateau being the larger and more customizable of the two. I just sold a Cornue Fe 110 to a customer 8 months later it’s delivered installed and looks incredible. They bought it for styling as it went into a fancy Hamptons House that they will probably never cook on it. I personally think if you enjoy cooking, it’s a fantastic stove designed to last a lifetime and be a generational piece. They cook extremely well and have amazing white-glove service, so many options in style and cooktops but are also very simplistic in design. Handmade in France with care If someone asked me what is the best stove if money was no object, I would probably steer them here. It is a unique, classic timeless all-in-one well-made product that if you can afford then go for it.


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