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      I have a counter top whirlpool cooktop–it’s 30 inches wide. It cannot boil water, and the metal is very scratched up after only six years (we bought the house but we are not the builders.) It’s just fragile and poorly designed. The knobs are on the front, so you lose cooking area. Only one large burner works, but as I said, it can’t boil a pot of water. I have waited for over an hour, and still no boil. The water evaporates before it boils!

      So I am willing to lose the storage drawers underneath the stovetop to get a freestanding double oven. (I bake a lot and can use this type of oven.)


      I found this LG model:


      But I’m concerned that LG is not a good manufacturer. I like the design of this oven, because both ovens are the same size. Many have a full size oven on the bottom and and smaller one on top.

      Can you recommend a quality oven in this design? I have only 30″ width to work with, and I want gas/propane for the stovetop.


      Thanks so much!

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      I guess you have a double wall oven already? If you can live with the existing set up why do you need another double oven? Would much rather you go to a higher quality single stove that has a better power burner. That LG is a decent unit, but even on that one, the burners are just ok. Would love to see a unit like a BlueStar in there if the budget allows it. If not, go to the LG slide-in style better quality and better workspace you seek. You may want to look at a dual fuel if you can run electricity to it as it does give much more even heat for baking.


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