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      Hi there!

      I absolutely love to cook, I cook homemade meals almost every day. We’re looking to upgrade our stove/oven and want to know what would be best for those that really have a passion for cooking! What has the best features that make things easy, less frustrating, and has interesting features while we’re getting meals ready? I’m excited to hear suggestions! Thank you 🙂

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      If we are talking 30″ standard size stove, I love the GE cafe with the double ovens. The lower oven is big enough for a Turkey, and the top oven can be used for many smaller items. The Cafe is a quality unit with features like convection for even browning, air fry for faster crisp cooking, 6 burners, and a removable griddle. The stove even has a wifi-enabled app to send you notifications when the oven is on-off and timer reminders. It’s a great all-around stove for someone who cooks a lot. Comes in a few color options and handle choices as well.

      GE cafe


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