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      I am totally new to buying appliances and feel overwhelmed with the choices and reviews. I am looking for a French door fridge for around $2000. I do a lot of baking and have kids so space is very important to me. My kids appreciate having cold water from the fridge, but I don’t care about having an ice dispenser. They always break anyway and it is not worth sacrificing the space in the fridge.  I do need a good ice maker in the freezer though, we go through a lot of ice. What would be the best recommendations? Thanks!

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      Here is a good choice from LG under 2k with water in the door but no ice! Ice is in the freezer, so you lose no space. 29 cubic feet, you can almost park a car in there. Probably the best choice based on your requirements. In the freezer, icemakers only produce so much ice as they are crescent ice makers. So keep that in mind.




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