Summit Introduces New Undercounter Refrigeration

Another exciting product release has passed my way, are you ready for this one? Oftentimes, customers are searching for various-sized undercounter refrigerators, and there was only one option to fulfill those needs, Sub-Zero. Which is always a great option to have, but if you’re not looking to spend over $5,000 on this piece there really wasn’t anything on the market that was more affordable or even another choice for that matter. Well, now look no further Summit saw that demand and decided to design an undercounter refrigerator to meet that very need. Introducing the new 27″ and 30″ undercounter refrigerators from Summit, with shallow depths under 24″ for an easy fit in any premium kitchen space. All units feature advanced commercial-grade construction for indoor or outdoor use, with user-friendly features and versatile designs that bring true luxury to you! Both units will be available in fully finished stainless steel drawer fronts and also accept overlay panels for a more custom look! With a better price tag than Sub-Zero, this is now a reasonable option for homeowners.

27″ Drawer Refrigeration Series available in SKUs: SPR275OS2D / SPR275OS2DADA 

33 ⅞” / 31 ⅞” H x 26 ¾” W x 23 ¼” D 

30″ Drawer Refrigeration Series available in SKUs: SPR3032D / SPR3032DADA 

33 ⅞” / 31 ⅞” H x 29 ½” W x 23 ¼” D

27″ Front-Opening Refrigerators SKUs: FF27BSS / FF27BSSADA

33 ⅞” / 31 ⅞” H x 26 ¾” W x 23 ¼” D 


Perfectly Featured for Every Setting:

  • Available in standard 34″ or lower 32″ ADA compliant height
  • Less than 24″ deep for a shallow fit ideal for island spaces
  • Commercial cooling system approved to NSF standards 
  • Digital control panel to ensure easy and intuitive use
  • LED lighting provides an elegant, efficient display
  • Stainless steel door or drawer fronts
  • Weatherproof design for safe and long-lasting use in outdoor environments
  • Right angle plugs & sealed rears to ensure a clean fit

There you have it! For more information or any questions on these undercounter refrigerators, comment below.



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